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Congress in Marmaris

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The Congress in Marmaris was organised by the Union of Beekepers of Muğla Province and the Apiculture and Sericulture Research and Implementation Centre of Muğla University. The event was attended by invited national and international experts, Turkish beekeepers, scientists and researchers from universities, manufacturers of beekeeping equipment, honey products manufacturers, international associations of beekeepers, and representatives of governmental and commercial organizations of Turkey.

Presentations on the health of bees, pest control and diseases of bees, breeding and apitherapy achievements, modern beekeeping, honey and pollen production, and economic aspects of beekeeping were presented by scientists and researchers from Turkey and all over the world at the Scientific-Practical Conference.

The Organizing Committee of the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress had its own stand at the Congress. The President of the Apimondia Congress 2013 Tetyana Vasylkivska, ApiExpo 2013 Coordinator Anatoliy Kharkovenko and Communication specialist, interpreter Kateryna Idyartova held meetings with many members of the Congress, performed activities on the participation of Turkish scientists, beekeepers and representatives of commercial organizations in the XXXXIII International Apimondia Congress. A speech by Tetyana Vasylkivska with the presentation of the Apimondia Congress 2013 intensified interest of Turkish beekeeping community in the Congress in Kyiv in autumn 2013.

By invitation of Tetyana Vasylkivska, the Minister of Forestry and Water Affairs of Turkey Prof. Dr. Veysel Eroglu visited a stand of ХХХХІІІ International Apimondia Congress. He listened carefully to the information about the achievements of the All-Ukrainian NGO “Brotherhood of Beekeepers of Ukraine” on the success in international activities that crowned with winning the right to host the International Apimondia Congress 2013 in Ukraine. He wished success to the Ukrainian beekeepers in hosting the World Beekeeping Congress. The Minister expressed his great hope that Turkish beekeepers will make every effort to present their country with dignity in Ukraine in 2013 and win the right to host the Apimondia Congress in Turkey in 2017. He gave the Turkish beekeepers hope that he will support their intention to host the Apimondia Congress in Istanbul.

Representatives of the Organizing Committee held a number of meetings with the President of the Central Union of Turkish Beekeepers Bahri YILMAZ, the Chairman of the Union of Beekepers of Muğla Province Ziya ŞAHİN, the Rector of Mugla University Prof. Dr. Mansur HARMANDAR, scientists and leading moderators of the Scientific-practical conference Prof. Dr. Muhsin DOĞAROĞLU and Assist. Prof. Dr. Aslı ÖZKIRIM, business leaders of Turkey engaged in the manufacturing of beekeeping products and beekeeping equipment. Negotiations with scientific representatives and representatives of world beekeeping associations from Russia, Azerbaijan, Georgia, the countries of Africa and Asia were held.

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