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HoneyBee Hive Cutout – April 1 2011

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We finally had nice weather to do the cutout on the log hive we have been waiting all winter to do.
The hive seems quite healthy and they were bringing in a lot of pollen and nectar before we did the cutout.
Hopefully we still have a queen after the cutout. I did not see her as we were moving the brood combs over to the new hive and putting them into the frames. I will leave them alone for a few days to get used to their new home before I try to check for the queen again. They were slowly marching into the new hive when we were done, but I did not see any fanning on the front of the hive nor were they marching into the new hive very strongly so I hope I did not kill the queen during the cutout. There was only about 1,000 or more ways I could have injured or killed her. I hope not.
All in all, they are extremely docile bees. We received two stings during the cutout and both of those were both from “pinch” situations. Each of my older daughters who were helping accidentally pinched a bee on them.
I ended having four or five bees get inside of my veil, but all they wanted to do was get out again.

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